GI Joe Team Reveals HasLab HISS Tank, Now Available To Order

2022-07-15 09:06:05 By : Mr. DX Dai

GI Joe collectors got the big wrap-up to Yo Joe June this morning, as the next HasLab Joe project was made live. This one is in the six-inch Classified line and is a HISS Tank. The HasLab project is live right now and taking orders until August 16th. The cost? $299.99. The HISS Tank looks impressive and comes with LED lights that include the ability to shine a Cobra spotlight logo. The cockpit also lights up, as well as a few other spots where it lights up. The back opens with sculpted details, a jump seat, and a weapon storage area. The treads rotate, and there are a ton of extra removable parts and more. The HasLab will come packaged with a Classified version of the HISS Tank Driver, and if they meet their minimum goal by July 6th, a HISS Tactician will also be included. Depending on how many are sold, there are four more unlockable tiers. You can back the GI Joe project here, and below you will see many images and can get more info.

Destro, take it away: "Never before has an undertaking such as this occurred – our project is the first 6-inch scale G.I. Joe Classified Series Cobra H.I.S.S. vehicle for which everyone has been clamoring. A mere $299.99 grants backers the base offering of my technological wonder, the H.I.S.S., and a highly-articulated Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver Action Figure with premium deco, detailing, and articulation for poseability. The vehicle itself contains an astounding level of detail and features, allowing for myriad posing and display options. The H.I.S.S. vehicle contains battery-powered interior and exterior LED lighting features. At the push of a single button, you can turn on the H.I.S.S.-vision lights, the interior cockpit heads-up display, headlights, fog lights, rear Cobra convoy lights, and, most impressively, the Cobra Insignia Beacon. This unique invention of M.A.R.S. Industries projects the Cobra logo on the ground ahead of the vehicle. I've teamed with Dr. Mindbender to enhance this projection with his special combination of "illuminator intimidator" rays that will surely send the Joes cowering in fear should they cross the path of the beams. A secondary red LED light illuminates the rear cargo space to preserve any troopers' night vision when the door is lowered, and they deploy."

"What H.I.S.S. would be complete without its Driver? This G.I. Joe Classified Series figure included in the base offering comes ready for action, with multiple points of articulation for high poseability along with four weapon accessories. It comes individually boxed with its own artwork and number in the G.I. Joe Classified Series sequence and will only be available through this HasLab offering. Anyone like me who cannot abide incompleteness in their collections should be certain to back this campaign to ensure no glaring omissions on their shelves."

Again, you can back this project right here.

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